Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer in China

What is Rigid-flex PCB Board?

Rigid-flex PCB is composed of rigid PCB and flexible PCB, which can be applied to many fields.

A typical rigid-flex PCB circuit includes two or more conductive layers, each of which contains a flexible or rigid insulating material-the outer layer may have exposed pads or cover layers. Conductors can be based on the rigid layer, while plated through holes can be based on both the rigid and flexible layers.

Advantages of rigid-flex PCB technology

Since it’s more expensive to design and produce this kind of flexible circuit, it does offer a wide range of outstanding features. For instance, It can reduce the size of PCB suited in a smaller space but more components. This can efficiently lower the whole system cost. Due to the requirement for fewer interconnects and related parts and components, flexible circuit boards are reliable products and require less maintenance in the long-term application.

As with all types of flexible circuit boards, the rigid-flex printed circuit boards will run well in even extreme environments, especially in high-temperature environments. A rigid-flex board is more convenient to test in prototyping.

Our Capabilities

Whatever your need for rigid flex PCB, we can ensure you get exactly what you need in a short amount of time.

Drill to copper – Outer layers 8 mil
Drill to copper – Inner layers10 mil
Copper Thickness0.5 oz – 4 oz
Minimum Hole Size 0.004″
Minimum Trace/Space0.003″/0.003″
Minimum Pitch0.5 mm
Copper to board edge0.007″
Coverlay Opening0.003″
Coverlay Web (Kapton)0.006″

Application of Rigid-Flex PCB

Rigid-flexible PCBs are widely applied to smart devices, communication industries, and medical equipment. In consumer products, rigid-flexible PCB does not only maximizes space and weight but also greatly improves reliability, thereby eliminating many needs for solder joints and fragile wiring that are prone to connection problems. 

Rigid-flex PCBs have serious applications based on advanced electrical industries, including test equipment, tools, and automobiles.