Small Volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Small volume assembly is the solution for mounting electronic components. It is performed over a relatively small batch of unfinished boards. You often need such services if you are looking for a new PCB launch and intend to prototype multi-layer boards a low production cost. 

To meet your needs, you should partner with a manufacturer that has small volume PCB assembly lines. At PadPCB, we offer you to produce small volumes of circuit boards with quick turnaround times. Our facilities are fully equipped to provide you with high-end board manufacturing and reliable PCB assembly.  

Capabilities of Small Volume PCB Assembly

We are fully equipped to offer you the fabrication of individual boards as well as their assembly. We work as per the strictest guidelines and standards. Take a look at the technology stack we incorporate and willing to exploit for your benefit:

Capability Technologies
Types of Small Volume PCB Assembly methods PadPCB features the following types of small volume batch assemblies:
1. Surface Mount Technology (SMT PCB).
2. Through-Hole Technology (TH).
3. Mixed Technology.
Design for Manufacturing Services (DFM) Here are the DFM services you may require from us:
  • Bill of Materials (BoM) validation.
  • Evaluation and authentication of Rictuit Diagrams, Gerber Files, and Assembly Drawings.
  • Engineering assistance in fixing/ improving the above-mentioned manufacturing documentation.
We take good care of your project by carefully examining the files and eliminating any errors. It significantly enhances assembly quality and shortens lead times. 
Design for Testing Services (DFT) We encourage our clients to feature the best Quality Assurance practices. That's why, with respect to PCB testing, we may add test points in circuit boards. It allows for deciding on fixtures and probe types for testing.
DFT service options that we offer are grounded on these methods:
  • Identification of testing requirements functionality.
  • Development of diagnostic instructions.
  • Problem identification.
Custom small volume, low-cost PCBs We have extensive production capabilities. It allows us to customize small volumes of circuit boards as per your technical requirements without compromising the end cost. 
Pre - Production Samples for small volume PCBs We offer you to produce a small number of pre-production samples. With them, you will be able to evaluate the end quality and functionality. It will help you to avoid risks, errors, and unnecessary expenses.
Testing Protocols An extra advantage of requesting our services is our robust testing protocols. From electrical testing to X-ray inspection and other testing methods. We ensure that our small volume PCB assembly is deprived of errors. And even low volume issues are resolved before shipping your order. 
Cost Reduction We feature automation of our circuit board production lines to minimize expenditures. We utilize Free Stencil and Set-up & tooling technologies. Besides, we involve with incremental deductions coming with ordering more from us. 
Turnaround time We offer your instant quoting functionality. Besides, we have a smart production scheduling system that optimizes lead time. You can expect expedited DHL delivery within 2-4 days only. 
PCB assembly

Benefits of Small Volume Printed Circuit Board Assembly

  • Ideal for New Product Lines

Small volume PCB assembly is intended for companies that are about to launch their new electronic items. Small batches of reliable circuit boards enable conducting of all-inclusive testing. It helps to eliminate all errors and issues. Besides, it’s helpful for the validation of the production technology before scaling to large batches. 

  • Low-Cost PCB Assembly

It’s often that PCB companies do not have production lines intended for small volumes. With PadPCB, you receive a significant cost advantage. Our extensive capabilities enable us not to compromise the price. Additionally, we have robust relationships with reputable vendors and can-do part procurement at optimal rates regardless of batch size. 

  • Extensive PCB Testing

PadPCB features the robust testing of every individual board in your small volumes of PCBs ordered. We validate the technology and ensure that you will have a complete understanding of its functioning. 

  • Custom Design

We understand that you may need to add some design changes in the process. Our engineering professionals are willing to assist you in the improvement of your PCB design. Your circuit boards may undergo multiple stages of improvement, so they fully respond to your best expectations. 

PadPCB Advantage for Small Volume, Low Cost Printed Circuit Boards

When it comes to small volume PCB assembly, you may consider PadPCB your trusted service provider. Our capacities include specifically assigned for low-batch production assembly lines. We have extensive capabilities to fulfill your requirements regarding turnaround times, quality of electronic components, assembly technology, and more.

We work under ISO14001 and IATF16949, UL quality certifications. So, you can be confident in the high level of service we deliver. Besides, we sign an NDA form for every order, so you should not be concerned about your intellectual property.

Our qualified engineering staff is always ready to examine your PCB documentation, Gerber files, drawings, etc. We offer you fully-fledged design assistance and complete, 24/7 customer support at every stage. 

We ensure that even a small order of yours comes from us of the highest quality so you can focus on your main business area without any hassle. Drop us a line with your project details so our PCB expert engineers can take good care it. 

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