JLCPCB vs PCBWay vs PadPCB: 2023 Comparison

In case you need a batch of PCBs to be produced, or your company requires a constant supply of them — you need to request services from a reliable supplier. 

Probably you have heard about such big players as JLCPCB snd PCBWay. But can alternative but still trusted PCB manufacturers, such as PadPCB, compete with them? Let’s find out.

How They’re Similar

For starters, let’s check how all the three companies perform across the standard metrics:

Fast PCB PrototypeYesYesYes
Advanced PCB FabricationYesYesYes
Instant QuotingYesYesNo
Designing from components available on the warehouseYesNoNo
Broad range of payment methods availableYesYesYes
Quality testingYesYesYes
Broad choice of solder masks / PCB laminate materialsYesYesYes
Sufficient Quality CertificationYesYesYes
Replacing Gerber file after the order is setPossible, but complicatedPossiblePossible
Assembly servicesYesYesYes
24/7 SupportYesYesYes
Shipping globallyYesYesYes
Years on the market141514
Extra CNC machining servicesNoYesYes
Solving real-world problems with customer serviceEvasive answersEvasive answersSuperior support

What's the difference?

Here are the points that are even more essential, as they will define what PCB supplier you will consider a preferable option. It is difficult to arrange an exact matching as all the companies have varying volumes of information available for free use and evaluation. Still, here is the comparison across several metrics:

1. Customization

Surprisingly, both the large companies stick to very standard sizes, designs, thicknesses, etc. Although you might find it convenient, these companies do not leave much room for innovativeness and customization. But you will definitely receive a more personalized offer if contacting PadPCB.

2. Customer support

It is difficult to argue that both JLCPCB and PCBWay have extensive corporate sites where you can get comprehensive information about their offers. But these big manufacturers tend not to focus on individual customers leaving them without much care. Such an approach helps them to minimize prices for small-scale batches, but you should not expect superior support. 

PadPCB, instead, does not have much info on the corporate website. Their approach is to serve each customer individually. This way you will get more attention to your specific request, which is a benefit.

3. Price

That’s something that is difficult to state for sure. Based on the reviews available, customers are given varying quotes based on their requests and region. But the big idea here is that sometimes it is more cost-effective to order from one supplier, sometimes from another. 

Although all three companies perform shipments globally, it’s advisable to look for one that can be your local supplier. For example, customers from China and neighboring countries definitely should look for partnering with PadPCB rather than with JLCPCB or PCBWay.

4. Reliability

Once again, it’s something that is difficult to state. In most cases, the quality of your PCBs depends on your design, chosen finishing, laminate type, etc. It means that in case you did not fail to build your PCB option, all the three manufacturers will provide you with nearly the same quality of PCBs. 

Besides, these three manufacturers are equally well-established and reliable, so no fuss is expected to occur at any matter. Just take it that there are always customers that are not satisfied with any level of service.

5. Production quantities

JLCPCB and PCBWay specialize in large-scale production, meaning that they handle thousands of orders daily. That’s something that should not bother you if you are a huge customer. You will likely be served on the top-level regardless of the company. But for smaller customers, it may result in not paying enough attention to their orders occasionally. 

PadPCB handles fewer orders, which should allow them not to compromise quality.


In case you are a large manufacturer of consumer or specialized electronics, you will likely not feel the difference between all the three companies. You will be served well, and your orders will be delivered on time. It’s just that probably, one or another company may offer you slightly different prices per board fabricated.

However, if you are an owner of a small to medium-sized enterprise, or you are looking more for an affordable or just local PCB fabrication, PadPCB just ought to be your perfect fit.


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