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What is a 4-Layer PCB?

Printed circuit board (PCB) is a laminated “sandwich” structure needed to connect electronic components electrically. 4-layer PCB is a self-explanatory name that indicates that this board comprises a total of four sheets. 

A standard 4-layer PCB has a top layer, two inner layers, and a bottom one. Two of these are signal layers; another two are a positive voltage layer (VCC layer) and a ground layer (GND layer), respectively. Or three signal ones and a GND layer obligatory.

4 layer PCB

4 Layer PCB Stack-Up

Currently, any manufacturer can offer two standard types of 4-layer PCB layouts. Depending on the application requirements, you should choose from these stack-ups:

1. GND – Signals/Power – Signals/Power – GND

It is an improved stack-up. While it does not have a power plane included, power pours, or gridded power structures are used instead. It allows not to connect ground pins via routes.

Power – GND

2. Signals – GND – VCC – Signals

This stack-up ensures a solid ground plane. And the signal traces can be routed over the GND, which makes insulation between signal layers and planes desirably thin. Such structuring also reduces the distribution impedance of both the GND and VCC layers.

Signals – GND – VCC – Signals

Key Advantages of 4 Layer PCB

PCBs comprising four layers only are a gold standard in the electronics industry. And here are the strengths they possess:
  • Quality-driven design. 4-layers boards support the key functionality requested. But not only that. They are small-sized but high-performance, which allows a certain degree of customization. As a result, they can be used in microelectronics, while planned design can be intricate enough. 
  • Superior durability. Depending on the prepreg used, 4-layers PCBs are already strong enough to withstand most unintentional external stresses. They also can be resistant to moisture and wear. 
  • Small size and lightweight. The inclusion of four layers only allows such boards to be thin and lightweight. With the help of connectors to interlink separate single and double-layered boards, 4-layers PCB can achieve extra size and weight reduction.
  • Great EMI performance. Naturally, such PCBs are not vulnerable to electromagnetic interference. It allows them to perform well in most operating environments.

Applications of a 4 Layer PCB

It is difficult to list all the spheres and industries to utilize such PCBs in. But here are some interesting and uncommon applications:

    • Medical industry. Heart monitors, X-Ray equipment, cat-scan technology, etc.
    • IoT. Computers, in-house data storage systems, file servers, GPS technology, cell phone repeaters, mobile phones, etc.
    • Broadcast and radio. Signal transmission systems, satellites, weather analysis systems, etc. 
    • Manufacturing and industry. Fiber optic receptors, atomic accelerators, space probe equipment, etc. 
    • Military. Defense systems, including atomic ones, nuclear systems, monitoring systems, etc.
    • Craft. Aerospace and automotive parts, etc. 

In the broad sense, 4-layer PCBs are of wide use for most electronics. So, whatever device you take in your hands, it is likely to contain such a board inside.

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